Spring Frayre 2017

This year's Spring Fayre was held on Saturday 6th May. It was a great success and we raised a record breaking sum of over £20,000 thanks to great food, fabulous stalls, the silent auction, the raffle and everyone's hard work and generous contributions.

All the associated Reading School bodies came together as one at the Fayre. The Old Redingensians (ORs) opened up the school archives showing the history of the school, the friends of Reading school helped us out on the RSPA desk and with the raffle, friends of music kindly ran our Spring Fayre café serving tea and cakes and the school governors helped out with the classic cars and with tours of the new labs.

We had some fantastic volunteers who helped with preparing, cooking and serving food plus helping on the many stalls to set up, run and take down, without whom we could not have run the Fayre.

We had some great feedback afterwards and everyone seemed to have enjoyed the day immensely.

We will always need people to help with the fundraising activities of the RSPA, but it's great to know we can have fun and feel we are making a difference while organising, planning and helping at the events.

The stalls we ran this year included ; Pani Puri - Indian Street Food, Curry stall, Burgers and Hot dogs, Mega Tombola, Water to Wine, White Elephant, Cakes and Tea, Bar, Strawberries Cream, Plant Stall, Book Stall, Raffle, Silent Auction, RSPA Stall, Escape Reading School trail, Jewellery stall including Kenyan handmade jewellery.

The fundraising of the RSPA is all aimed at making a difference to the boys' experience of Reading School. We would like to express our thanks to everyone who has helped at or attended an event in 2017 and we would also like to use this opportunity to appeal for new joiners and supporters of the RSPA. We can only put on these great events and continue to raise money if we have enough volunteers and as we all know the current cuts to government school funding will impact Reading School and in turn affect our boys, so we want to be able to do more to support the school moving forward.

Please reach out to us; let us know if you can offer any help, from your time, to corporate matching via your work, to auction prizes or baking cakes, we always need ideas for new events and would love to hear from you, please contact us.